MCN test IKON on Indian Scout

MCN’s Ped Baker fitted IKON fork springs and rear shock absorbers to his Indian Scout long-term test bike. “I could feel an improvement before I reached the end of my street” he reports.

“The rear damping felt slightly plusher, and the front didn’t dive so much on the brakes. Overall it felt like any slop had been tightened up. I then used my familiar commute into the office to directly compare the new suspension against the old. Down country lanes and over familiar bumps there was far less bottoming out, and the pitching I’d experienced before had almost been eliminated. OK, the new shocks and springs haven’t turned the Scout into a sportsbike and the cruiser design geometry of short-travel, raked-out forks doesn’t help, but I’d say the Ikon units have improved the suspension by 20% and that’s enough to allow me to use a little more of that glorious engine!”

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